Weekly Worship

Worship at MLCC is a time of celebration and encouragement for all generations. The worship services are planned to actively engage people of all ages.


We celebrate Holy Communion every Sunday.

We strive to meet the needs of all individuals wishing to take communion, if you have a special need please ask us.

First communion classes are available for those wishing to take communion for the first time.

Bible Song

Bible Song is a dynamic fun ministry for children and parents.Children learn key Bible verses through song, sign language and using the creative and visual arts.

They share their Highs and Lows in small groups lead by youth and adults.

Parents are encouraged to be actively involved in BibleSong.

People involved in Bible Song leave worship after they have celebrated Holy Communion which happens before the message at MLCC.

Lunch and Coffee

On the first Sunday of each month congregation members are encouraged to bring along a plate of food to share with those worshipping with us on that day. This monthly event is a great time to chat with new people and catch up with old friends.

Each week after worship there is real coffee and great company available for those wishing to stay.