A year ago our team of teachers met and we brainstormed what we thought English Circle meant to us and the participants.
This is what we came up with: a space where, guided by students, we seek to learn English, both conversational and intensive; build friendships; learn about culture through outings; and support each other in daily living. We also felt that English Circle created an opportunity to serve Jesus; a safe place for participants to ask about Jesus and the Bible; opportunities for the church to facilitate hospitality.

At the meeting we had recently, we reviewed this, and upon reflection, we can say that all of the above happened during last year. What an amazing God! What a privilege we have to serve God in this way for a window of opportunity, especially to those who are university students here only for a short time.  How special it is that some are making their life here and are now participating as MLCC members.

English Circle: Mondays 7:00pm – 8:30pm at Endeavour College (excluding public holidays). Please invite your neighbours or work mates. All are welcome.

Bible Study: Alternate Fridays 7:30pm at Colin and Maureen’s home. Starting Friday, 5th February. Phone Maureen or Pastor Chris for more details.